Monday, November 12, 2007


I figured some one here would get a kick out of my non-sequenced playing of the 2000xl.


Joel said...

hi, these tracks are great! Were I in Oakland, booking acts, you'd definitely be on the bill!! (unfortunately I'm not, but hopefully someone will be.....)

What's the smaller box on the left (your right)?

Peter said...


jel (if you're reading this), do you always play with full levels on?

pitchmode said...

Boss SP-303.

I'm stunned. Jel remains one of the best on the 16 pads that I've ever seen. ...guess 16 wasn't enough.

This is truly inspirational. Thanks for posting.

Doc Pop said...

Man I hope to see more posted in the future. Really enjoyed these videos.
BTW, I can't get the RSS feed to work, anyone else have any luck?
should be right.

j lesser said...

Missing Oaktown already. Come stay with us in Providence... we have couch space.

Jeremiah said...

I'm way into this - I love the live concept.

I farm out small grocery-money production gigs once in a while, and am always on the lookout for solid beatsmiths.

Hit me up if you're interested at all.

Jeremiah said...

Not seein any new posts here...I take it Jel got gigs?

Doc Pop said...

apparently. Damn.. I was really hoping this wasn't going to be one of those one post blogs.

Maximiliano said...

more! Please post some more! very entertaining ! mashuo those beats!